Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's in the Bag

Pony Girl thought it a fun idea when she was challenged to show her purse and it's contents on Friday. I took the challenge from her and her are suppose to show the purse, the contents, and how much you paid.

I love my little Brahmin bag that I bought for myself about a year ago. I had been eye balling them in the glass case at Dillard's department store because I loved the croc look and the color of the leather. I also have a black leather one that is Brighton that is made just the same that I love, love, love. I paid too much for it and even I thought I was nuts, but I have gotten my money's worth and you do get what you pay for most of the time. Now I am hooked on Brahmin! And don't kid yourself I do have bigger ones, this is just the one I use the most.

I got to where every time I bought a new purse it was so heavy it hurt my back when I would go shopping. That is how this style purse became a staple for me. I can cross my body with the strap, it dosen't weigh much and I have no pain. Trust me when you get older the pain helps you make a whole diffrent set of choices. You see I have arthritis from a horseback riding injury and and top that with scholosis in my spine, so pain does happen to me.
I have it down to a fine science and have learned to only carry the basics with this little jewel. The only thing I forgot to show is my cell phone and I also carry my Nikon Coolpix S550 in it also.

So if any of you want to take the bag challenge be my guest and let me know you did! It is kinda interesting!


  1. Hey KT- I dont carry a purse per just a fanny pack ;) Only have spare change, my ID and a tiny schedule book in it... got the pack for free...

    That count? (KIDDING!!)

  2. I have gone to a much smaller purse too! I used to have to carry my makeup, brush, all kinds of things! Now give me my lipstick, debit card and I'm off!

  3. KT~ One more thing...thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, but it was I that was not feeling well this morning not my boy.....but I improved and was able to see him, yea!! However, he does have something going on, although hopefully minor at this point. I am working on a post about it tomorrow so check in, I'd like your opinion!

  4. Om goodness NO!! I am even scared to reach in there at times! hahahaha Actually I bought my purse in Oklahoma!! Yep two years ago at the USTRC finals. I had always carried a small purse. However that particular day, I was packing my camera, a sweatshirt, a purse and whatever else my fella handed me. SO I bought a big ol purse and stuffed everything in it! No matter where I go, I ALWAYS get a compliment on it. I love it, It is an America West. Have you seen them? You will (wink)


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