Friday, March 11, 2011

It is so boring around here....

My mom is spending all her time at school 

she is taking some class at the local Technical school 
that she has been wanting to take
for a very long time.  

That is well and good, but hey,
what about my needs?

About all the fun I seem to get is if I get up and stretch
my back, she is so engrossed in it. 

 Thank goodness
I have a daddy that will walk me and 
sit with me while she is at class.

Did I tell you what her class is yet?
Mom is taking this crazy sounding one....

so hopefully one day she will figure out how to use it....
Mom said it is fun, but the teacher needs to be there
to hold her hand
and walk her through it....

I say
git a grip, Mom!

Just how hard can it be anyway?

and now on to more important things

lets all say a prayer for all the people who 
were affected by the tsunami and it's wide reaching destruction.