Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Heat Warning

I don't know how Lexi can stand to be running around in this heat!  

We are sweltering here and I am paying for it.  
I had heat stroke once as a kid while hauling hay and I have to be careful or it will get me again.  It did about 15 years ago when we were moving my in-laws and now it is worse since then.

Phwewwwww... please cool off some soon!

I would love to head to the mountains for a week or so, but it is not in the cards this summer.  A big cold pool of water sounds so good to me also....I can handle the heat if I am floating in water! 

Jackie is teaching Lexi how to hunt for Turtles......her favorite pastime at my mom's house.   She finds them when I do not know how she knows where they are!

Lexi is growing and learning quickly and she is about as onery as a two year old, but Mom and her are having a good time and we all are all pretty crazy about her. 

It makes me want to get another puppy myself, but then when she occasionally poops on the floor, I think, maybe not.....

I don't get it, she knows better but she has ADD I think, she goes out and starts looking at all the other stuff and forgets what she is suppose to be doing out there!   

Well you all stay cool out there and enjoy the rest of your summer.  It really has gone quickly even if it is hot.  I feel like it has been a boring summer for me, but when I think about it, it really hasn't. 

Maybe it was just the let down after all of my adventures last summer.....  I am going to be happy I missed some of my excitement I had last summer and be grateful for my "quiet" summer this year.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun with Family

My brother and his daughter came up from Texas with her son and two dogs, Chica and Sasha.  We had a good week visiting and reminiscing.

They went home this morning so now Lexi is going to have to find someone else to hold to the floor......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Company arrives today

Wesley walking Chica and Sasha, originally uploaded by ktsparks.

Wesley walking Chica and Sasha on the state line visitor center between Oklahoma and Texas.