Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paint tomorrow among other things....

Tomorrow is the day we get the painting of the basement started!

Well I had a horrible time deciding on the color for some weird reason.

When I went to the lumber yard to buy the paint I was expressing my thoughts about it to the "family friend" paint expert who mixes my paint there. He said, "What's the deal, you are the paint wizard". I said well I used to be, but I seem to be in a rut.... funny!

Well, I will let you know how it turns out when all is said and done. I am not even going to tell you what I picked out until I know for sure it is going to work out........and it will be a cold day in hell before my hubby will willingly re-paint again if I say....honey, I think we better change this!

I am going to do the guest bedroom also and I am loving all 4 of these bedding choices! I like each one for different reasons. They are all Double D Ranch home and I adore them all! I just can't decide, what do you all think? Tell me your favorites and why?

Remember we are not voting on the bedsteads.........I will do my own thing in that department, I will use what I have already.

I am just talking about the bedding. And to be honest, I won't buy this stuff either because Double D is more than I am willing to spend. I will be sewing my own to replicate it the best I can. Those of you who know me know that is what I usually do unless I find a really wonderful sale, and I have been known to do that also at times. I have one I do like more than the others, but I want to see what the majority of you like. You are the ones going to be sleeping in it! :)

And if you don't like any of them tell me that also.


  1. I really like the first one with the stars and strips and the black. But maybe that's because it would look great with MY black furniture :) Can't wait to see the paint color! Annie could tell you funny stories about REpainting :)

  2. #1 Plaid and floral looks like the KTS I know. ALso would be my personal preference but then again I'm a little bit country. #2 Patchwork velvet in picture four is pretty also a bit renaissance,
    but you might want another selection for the spring and summer like ....
    #3 I like this one because of the bed skirt and pillows scroll work. I would have to see the corals before I decided.
    #4 The cream and black may not be very much color without the black bed skirt. Depends on wall color and if you are using black furniture or not. It could be very elegant.
    Glad your 'puter is back up and running. Rita

  3. OH, I just LOVE all of them. Because all of them are just chuck-a-luck full of those non-functional pillows you have to take off the bed and find somewhere to store and the main pillows are in a big ol' case that you have to take off before you can actually use the real pillows inside and there is a comforter that weights a ton and no one can actually sleep under and if you leave it on the foot of the bed your feet sweat all night or you can throw it on the floor and you just know in your heart that any man would really, really like something like this when he comes visiting and has to dis-assemble the bed to try to find somewhere to sleep. Larry.

  4. Larry,
    I know you always gripe about all those cute pillows when you and Beth go visit people! Sorry to inform you we have tons of them here too! One thing is I don't put the pillows you sleep on in shams, they are at the bottom of the stack in their pillow cases! :)
    Men just don't get it do they girls?

  5. Okay Karen, this is Beth, The reason Larry gave you his answer was because that is how his sister-in-law does things. We literally have to disassemble the bed of all the pillows and comforters, etc. before we can sleep in it.My pick is number one or number 3. Actually I prefer number one. It is more rustic and elegant looking. But does not over take the room and that room needs a high head board but not to high. Number three is good too and would look good in that bedroom. Number 2 and 4 is to ornate and over whelming for that small of a room. They both have foot boards and for that small of a room I don't think the bed needs a foot board. But that is just my opinion. They are all nice looking and I can see your delimia in a decision.

  6. The 4th one with a different bed skirt though. I love red, and that one is pretty. You sew?? Oh I want to see pictures of the final project.

  7. I just found your blog and I am so in love with every one of those rooms I would probably pick the first or last for myself but would be head over heals for any of them. Great Megan


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