Monday, June 28, 2010


We have two very special young women in our lives and I thank my stars for them every day.  They have always been good children, good adolescents and now they  have graduated
high school with honors, AND starting
at University this fall. 
Ignore me I am a doting auntie!

Karly, Robin, Taylr
I am so proud of the way they turned out, and their mother did a great job raising them and giving them a great sense of who they are.

It just seems impossible that they are not the babies, who are twins, we loved so much.

Karly spent this month of June showing her
paint gelding "Spot" at the Pinto World Show in Tulsa, OK and then on to the Paint World Show in Ft. Worth, Tx.  
Taylr came along this time and has decided she is going to follow suite and start showing again also. Her activity has been cheer leading but now she has decided to give it a go again since she had so much fun at the shows this month.

 Karly started riding Spot as a 2 year old, trained him herself and she has competed for the past 3 years on him at the World level.
Spot is a 5 year old now, so his winnings are very impressive for such a young horse, but he is such a sweet gentleman!

Karly was 7th in Western Plesure  at the APHA World show
add to that this year's Pinto World finishes; 3rd in Trail, 
Reserve World Champion Ideal Pinto Western Horse (which they won the last two years),
Reserve World Champion Pinto World Western Pleasure (which they won last year), 
Pinto World Champion Disciplined Rail. 
All the hard work has paid off and it couldn't have happened to a NICER young woman!

Next year we will be looking forward to cheering Taylr on also!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wish I had that much energy!

We are still having tons of fun with Lexi since she joined the family!  She is one funny little spoiled princess and my mom is adoring her, even though she is wearing the pants off my mom! 

I think we must have forgotten just  how precocious and busy a puppy can be!  She seems to be very smart and I think she is going to be a great watch dog.  She already notices everything that isn't in it's normal place or anything out of the normal around the yard.  

She gives Jackie a good run for her money also.  They are doing very well hanging together and Lexi is so involved on doing all the BIG dog things Jackie does....

Now it is okay for me to jump around but you better play nice Jackie...I'm just a little bitty girl!

No, I don't wanna come down there where you are!
How about tug o' war???
Finally nap time!