Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 Days

Gillie is giving me kisses for taking such good care of her. She is the most adorable little munchkin and such a smart puppy! She does something one time and she knows it! Bill had her out for a drive on Monday and made the mistake of bringing her by to get her leash ( that I mistakenly took from their house) I looked out to see her sitting pretty in the passenger seat of his truck and I said she is staying with me for awhile again! She wants to visit her auntie!

The Patio got the forms off of it today and the antiquing cleaned off of it. Now they will have to let it set and dry and get warmer to put the sealer on it.

Zoe looked so cute when she came to visit in her little Valentine Sweater! She really dosen't like to be so fussy, but it was cold!

I have been painting all the baseboards, doors and tomorrow is the crown molding for the basement. I wonder when we are ever going to get done so we can move back in down there and finally not feel so crowded up with all the extra stuff upstairs..... soon I hope but we seem to have to hurry up and wait alot.


  1. What a great patio! Gillie and Zoe are so cute.

  2. Hurry-up-and-wait-alot, yep that's what life seems to be :)

  3. LOL KT, that looks like L-O-V-E to me ;) Gillie is just tooooo flipping cute girl.

    Your patio looks awesome. I can just see it with some greenery around it in the summer!! Things look amazing there.

  4. LOOK it's YOU!!! I really need to keep up on all my friends! Your patio looks great! I can just see beautiful patio furniture on it! I'll bet you just can't wait for the warm weather to get here.


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