Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oklahoma Tornado

I want you all to know we are fine and surrounding areas had lots of rain and high winds but no tornado. I have heard they had some trees down and property damage scattered around. We live in the north east part of Oklahoma and have our fair share of this sort of thing. The bad tornado was southwest of Oklahoma City about 4 hours away.

I just got word from Sheri that my long time girlfriend Mary, who is Sheri's sister lost her house in the Lone Grove tornado last night.
Remember my Thanksgiving post about Sheri and Mary my friends who are sisters.
Mary, Buddy, Ryan and Katherine, their mother is okay, and her care facility in Ardmore was not hit. Mary and her husband are teachers in the Lone Grove school system and they were having a basketball game and they were evacuated to the basement.
Mary and family live between Ardmore and Lone Grove in the country and it jumped Ardmore and hit right where they live in an area of homes on 5 and 10 acre plots.
They were surrounded by huge pecan and other kinds of trees, which are all gone now.
The important thing is they were not hurt and they will be able to rebuild. I know they are in shock, but they will be fine, but it will be a trial for them to get back to normal and will take several months. They will have to find a place to live temporarily until they get rebuilt.
My heart goes out to them and keep them in your prayers.


  1. Glad everyone is ok!! My husband went to shoeing school in ardmore so we know that area well!! So sad about all the damage and lost lives. Me being the animal lover that I am always wonder about the creatures! Megan

  2. I've always feared losing my home to a tornado. I guess that goes with the territory living in this area. Just glad everyone is okay! They are in my prayers.


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