Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remodel addition

We decided to add to the basement remodel with a new patio, before we had the new doors and windows installed.

The work got started by ripping up the old sandstone. The stone has always been very
dangerous because it get slick with moss and it is like walking on glass, especially after a rain.
To kill the moss you had to use Chlorox and scrub it.
It was way past it's prime anyway, so time for a change.

As usual when you do a re do of something it never goes as expected. The original stone
was laid on an 8 inch bed of concrete. They have to jack hammer and take that up.
Woo, I bet they were not to happy to discover that little surprise!

Today they came in and finished up with the cleanup and did the re bar for the concrete
enforcements and laid out the forms to form the concrete. I don't think they will be back to pour
and work the cement until they will have 3 days above 60 degrees.

It is going to be stamped and colored so it will look like slate stone pavers.

The wheel barrows are all lined up waiting for them to come back!

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  1. I always loved the stone, but eeegads... that stuff if placed in just the right spot is asking for trouble! (Like you found with the moss!)

    Heck of a project there. Cant wait to see how it turns out when its done. Bet it will be wicked nice!


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