Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
and yes we are still here!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012



Lexi is my Mother's Miniature Schnauzer.
Her previous Miniature Schnauzer  Zoe had died
from complications from diabetes.  It was a really sad time for my mom and usually we 
spend more time grieving and wait to replace them.  
This time because my Mom is older I decided we needed to rush the time frame and try to find a new puppy for her.

I knew we couldn't replace Zoe, but Mom was so terribly depressed.
When we named her Lexi, my husband said "Lexi is short for Lexapro (a antidepressant medication)
because of  the difference it made in my Mothers mood and attitude!

When we bought Lexi from the breeder, he made the statement that this puppy was going to be the best dog you have ever had.  He said all the puppies born to Lexi's mother are really good dogs.  
We thought "yeah, right", we will see.  

Oh my gosh, did we ever get a surprise, she is so smart she thinks way ahead of the box and knows what you are thinking almost before you do.  
It is kind of creepy at times.
That being said, she is a handful, she keeps my Jackie busy playing and romping.
I took Lexi to obedience class and she did really well.  
I am thinking of taking her to advanced obedience
starting later in the month.

Lexi is 23 months old now and the joy of my Mom's life (we love her too at our house)
We love our dogs and I realize I am not happy if I do not have a dog to love. 
Isn't it funny how an animal can make all the difference in the world on how
you feel,  and the unconditional love they give you.
  I have noticed since
my husband retired the dogs play a much more important part of his
everyday life.  Jackie and Lexi both adore him and it is wonderful to 
see how he interacts with them, so much more than when he had work on his mind.

Does that mean we should be retired when we have children?  In a perfect world
I think that would be fantastic, go to work after the kids are grown up!  ha ha

The problem is that our bodies and minds would be shot by that time!