Sunday, July 6, 2008

ONE FAT CAT.........

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.....

well EVERYONE says I have a

beautiful face...... that counts for something dosen't it?


...... our house cat

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Zoe's Haircut Day

Now am I not just the most beautiful! Dodi thinks so and she is all that counts! She loves me and I know it!

This is the before and after of Zoe's haircut on Friday. I just started grooming around the first of the year. Our groomer's seemed to be dropping like flys and our dogs were having health problems so I was forced to learn. I bought a video, which was very good, and bought the equipment and off we went...the problem is it takes me forever to get one done. Zoe gets lots of breaks because she has a leg injury and she gets so tired on the table. I decided I needed to learn when Zoe had surgery and Chloe became sick with her Cushings and diabetes. I really like doing it and it gives me some "quality" time with her. =) I know I am not the best, but I think I do okay. I was lucky because the girls had always been done by professionals and they had them trained really well to stand still.

Emergency Room

Don't be running down the driveway or you will wind up with 10 stitches like Dodi did!

The Pinto World Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Spot is helping Karly read Cosmo! =) They are bored...

Family is a true blessing! We love you girls

T...we miss you like crazy!

My mom and I visited several days during the Pinto World Show in Tulsa to watch Karly and Robin show. Karly was showing Cool N Candid "aka" Spot. Robin showed the yearling stallion Chance. After the show they went on to Ft. Worth, Texas to show at the Paint World Show. It was such fun to see them both. We missed seeing Taylr but hopefully we will see her soon. She was going to cheerleader camp & dosen't do the horse thing anymore. I miss them since they moved to Kentucky. Cool N Candid and Chance are sired by Cool Heir, APHA

Our Yard Visitors- Wildlife

Our resident Owl ................. and how do you like my little squirrel snow house?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kits on the Wildwood

These little guys are just so full

of life!

 We live in a wooded area on 1.6 acres inside the city limits and we are fortunate to have lots of wild life living and taking shelter in close proximity to our house and the neighboring houses. It is not unusual to have owls, all sorts of birds, squirrels, woodchucks, raccoons, and lots of deer. We discovered this spring that we had a little family of red foxes making their home and nursery under our deck. We didn't know it for some time until the kits got old enough to venture out on their own. If you walked across the deck you would hear them scurry around underneath. Then when they got bigger they would run out and down the side yard to an old Terra cot ta drain pipe that doesn't work anymore. They started to peak out after I got my camera and then I would be ever so quiet and one of them would peak out then slowly come out and look at me. Eventually another one would pop out. For some time we thought there were only 2 of them plus both parents, but later on we would see 3 + the parents playing in our front yard every evening. We have had tree trimmers in the neighborhood for the power company for awhile now so they aren't around much. My husband Ross saw one run across the drive last week and go down the hillside. We finally had to block they access to the under side of the deck, because the smell and the fly were not so pleasant for us. We took the boards off from the top and collected all the animal carcass the mom had brought to the little ones, and it was rabbits, squirrels, and birds...a whole half of a kitchen bag full of them. I hope you enjoy the photographs that the 2 kits posed for me. They were absolutely adorable, but as life goes they have grown now and are not so small.