Monday, March 29, 2010



Crossing the Caney River 
in northern Washington County


the Caney is running high from all the snow and rain we have had. The road over the river
will take us into the Northern part of
Osage County, Oklahoma
past the home


The Historic and equally infamous 

Mullendore Cross Bell Ranch
from which the book was written

about the murder of EC III
in Sept of 1970

A grand jury is looking into the  unsolved murder
 of EC III this month since the capture of 
Damon "Chub" Anderson.

further down the road from the ranch is

The Labadie Cemetery

The Infamous Haunted Labadie House 

There are many stories about Frank and Samantha Labadie most which are not true.
I guess makes for a good story and makes them folk legends.  The story is they died in this house but actually they died in a home in the country outside of Ochelata, Oklahoma in Washington County.  The house was not finished yet, it was a cold winter's night and they both were asphyxiated by the natural gas in the house. They found them in front of the fireplace in their  chairs.  My mom calls them Uncle Frank and Aunt Samantha.  They were related to my mother's oldest sister's husband.  They were buried back up there by the original "haunted house" because their family members were buried there and it was the small family cemetery. 

 The Labadie House Revisited on Abandoned Oklahoma

Kids have gone up there at night for years and still do.  My brother graduated in the mid 1960's and the house was intact back then.  It was more dangerous to go there then because it was land owned by the Mullendore Ranch.  Back then
the Cross Bell was well patrolled...patrolled by ex-convicts on horseback - and with rifles (the Mullendores maintained an arrangement with the Oklahoma Parole Board to employ ex-cons at the ranch)

There are graves that are marked with just a sandstone rock, no name, no dates....

one does have flowers left by someone

It looks quite peaceful and quiet down these roads doesn't it?  Well a lot of nights
it hasn't been so peaceful in these parts.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring in OKLAHOMA

Last week I took this photo just as the first of the daffodils were out.  Yesterday they were thick with blooms and I thought to myself that  I should pick some of them for a bouquet.  I am always so stingy about picking them because I like them in the garden as well.

Spring in Oklahoma has arrived.  It was 71 degrees yesterday and I felt hot!  The first time I did not have to wear at least a jean jacket.


Here is my first photo of the official
start to a glorious spring in my hometown!


Jackie made a fast trip in and out!  Today it is 29 degrees.......

She much prefers to her spot in the living room and looking out the windows when she isn't sleeping.  

Some spoiled pup she is!

So now that spring is officially here, my flowers are frozen..
should have picked that bouquet yesterday....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tears and Sorrow

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this post.  

 Our (my Mom’s) Miniature Schnauzer
Zoe took a turn for the worse suddenly due to the complications of her diabetes. We had to think of Zoe and the pain she was in and decided we had to put her down.  We are all beside ourselves but we know it was the best for her.

I will never get used to this part of responsible pet ownership as long as I live.  Animals bring so much joy into your hearts and it just does not seem fair that they are gone so soon from us. 

Zoe would have been 12 in May and it seemed just like yesterday that we brought Zoe into mom’s home and her sister Chloe into our home.  The joys they gave us were immeasurable and will be a part of our memories forever.   

God truly blesses us when he gives us the love of a dog.

Love you girls