Friday, January 30, 2009

Horse Rescue and "Practice Weekend"

My family in the far North Houston area have moved to the country and now they are rescuing horses that were at the auction going to the unthinkable I am sure. I just would not be able to put a cap on it. How do you decide who goes home with you and who doesn't? They are very much novice horse owners, but have friends and neighbors who are showing them the ropes of responsible horse care and ownership. They are having a great time doing it and you gotta give them a pat on the back for the rescues. Jay has a big heart and wants to try to help and I wish them good luck. I think it would be easy to become like a "crazy cat Lady" for me if I did that. It is sad that people see everything as disposable anymore, especially the stuff that has a life. Well all I gotta say is my husband is glad we don't have any country land! It gets expensive feeding that many large animals, not counting the vet bills.

They love to ride on the big trail ride from Plantersville into Houston to the Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. The actual trail ride is huge and last a week, last year they had a good time. This is a few photos of the "practice weekend" with the saddle club they ride with. It is only about 3 weeks until the big event. Our Zane is on the little black and white pinto.

Jay and Jayme


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