Monday, November 24, 2008

Sheri, Mary and me.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Sheri, Mary, and me....girlfriends forever is what we are! I always think of them at Thanksgiving because it is their favorite holiday!

You know we were the cutiest girls in the area! ha ha he he ..... hey what are you laughing at?

We did get separated.... Mary moved to Wyoming in about 1979 to teach school, Sheri then was lured off to Nashville in 1986 to work for a friend who just made it big (Reba), and I stayed here working at my boring oil company job. Our lives are all so diffrent but we are close at heart. We went through so much as teens and young adults we will be close forever. You don't even want to get us started telling all our funny storys of that time frame.... Linda and Rita were part of the crew later on but I will talk about them later so be prepared girls! :) You aren't off the hook yet!

This is at a Christmas party at my house in 1986.... Rita, Mary, Jess, me, Sheri, and Linda.

I saw Sheri a month ago when she was in Oklahoma getting her mothers things in order and sorted out after her mom went into a care facility. Her mom and her sister, Mary, live in the southern part of Oklahoma and Sheri came up to visit friends after she finished there. She was just a wreck and sick, but it was a lot of emotional stuff going on. It is hard to see your parents go down hill and not be the parent we had when we were children. We all go through life's various stages from being young silly girls to now past middle age adults worrying about our parents like they used to worry about us when we were young (and silly). It is a hard transition going from being cared for to being the ones doing the care giving and worrying. Sheri and Mary have had to watch their dear mother deal with her share of health problems and it is heart wrenching. It is physically and emotionally draining, but their mom seems to be very happy at this stage in her life Sheri says. Mary, Me, and Sheri at Mary's daughters wedding about 5 years ago

Sheri & I so long ago I can't remember but I would guess about 1979 since my hair is short....Sheri gave me a perm in my long hair ( I wanted the Barbara Striesand "a Star is Born" look) and burnt it she had to cut it all off.... :O
It has been short ever since.

So in this season of thanksgiving I give thanks for the friendship we have shared for close to 40 years.... wow that sounds unbelievable dosen't it! Time and miles keep us apart, but they are the sisters I got to choose.


  1. Ha Well at least you aren't losing your mind! I just left the coment for this post down below! hahahaa!Do yo know how much I love you my far away friend?? You always are there for me. I love to hear from you, and I am sooo glad you started to follow me. I am so You always bring a smile to my face, and a laugh to my heart. On this Thanksgiving Holiday I am Thankful for you. Love you ((hugs))

  2. Wow, I only have about two friends from childhood I stay in touch with, but that's it. And our lives are very different too. Happy Thanksgiving! I've tagged you for a meme. A good follow-up to this post!


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