Wednesday, April 1, 2009

deligated back to the basement

Jackie enjoying herself in the new domain she says!

The window treatments aren't figured out yet and the walls don't have any decoration yet, the divan came in with a broken arm, but they are replacing it soon ( that is why the tags are still hanging). We plan on buying a custom rug, but I was just wanting you to see the new seating!

My office space is almost back together and this is what I have been waiting so long to get done. I am so excited to be back to some sense of a normal function! I love my new desks and my new little area of the remodeled room! I want to thank my husband for putting so much work into doing this project for me and for putting up with all the whining.

The patio is beautiful, the siding is not done yet, our contractor has about 5 more weeks before he comes back to finish up with all the other projects. The basement bedroom is getting a little face lift also and that comes then also.

Can't wait to shop for patio furniture..............poor hubby!


  1. Everything looks great! In some ways I wish I had such a project and in other ways, maybe its good that I don't :) I can't even get motivated to paint two walls in my living room- too many other life projects :)


  3. I'd be glad to be deligated back to the basement if I had one like that! It's going to be a wonderful space. I hope to get to visit it soon.


  4. Love it! Looks like Jackie does too! I covet the cowhide rug!

  5. I am enjoying it and it is so nice and tidy! I have long been known for my lack of tidy in my designated craft, computer, etc area! I just hope I can keep it tidy and not clutter! ha haha haha
    The cowhide rug was a great deal at our local Atwood's store.

  6. It looks great! I love the wood, the chandelier, and the cowhide rug!
    What a great hubby you have! :)

  7. Jackie has found her space too..i think the whole concept goes good.Didn't find any Beds around the room.But the basement has been transformed in a great way.Hats off to you.


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