Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

My husband wanted to take out the convertible and drive down to Tulsa Saturday to go to Woodward Park to view the Dogwoods and Azalea's.

They were in all their glory, but so were the crowds. It was so crowded we could not even find a place to park to walk around.

That was a "big surprise" since it was Easter weekend!

I don't know how I even got these photos without any people being in them!

So the surrounding housing areas are just as picturesque and so we decided to drive the neighborhood to visit the dogwoods and azaleas there. Most of the houses were built during the 1920's when Oil was King in Tulsa.

This was a beautiful mix of Pink and White Dogwood Trees

I have always said if I were to move down to Tulsa I would want to live in this part of town

and live in a house rich in history.

There is a diverse architectural style in the homes there. In fact Tulsa as a whole has some very beautiful architecture in the downtown area. Art Deco buildings are prominent downtown as the time of the Oil Boom Art Deco was all the rage.

The azaleas were beautiful,

I wish ours were doing so well at our house.

As we were driving around slowly admiring the dogwood trees I noticed these
dog statues on the front porch of this little cottage!

Oh those are so neat!

I want some!!!

I love dog statues!!!!!

Oh my gosh, what is on that porch honey?

Stop, Stop, Stop!!!!!!

Beautiful bronze Greyhound statues!!!!!!

Have you ever saw anything so beautiful!!!!!

There is a funny story I am going to tell you about a young friend we know in her 20's.

She asked hubby and I one time about 2 years ago,

what's the deal with those "rich" white folks and those big dog statues?

We said what did you say? She said, "you know, those big dog statues".

We looked at each other and cracked up ........

now it is a joke between the 3 of us!

She still dosen't get it I don't think....

maybe I don't get it, but I will tell you I like big dog statues myself and I am not in that catagory!

The only part that fits me is the white part!

ha ha he he.....

(PS) she is whiter than me......

Then there are these old beauties that are being brought down in this historic neighborhood similar to this house and new homes are being retro fitted into the neighborhood.

Is that a good thing or not?

I personally think if a house is dilapidated and needs to be torn down it is okay if the architecture matches the original homes and isn't a distraction.

I believe these examples are a nice addition to an old established neighborhood.

I would not mind living in one of them even if it isn't historic....


  1. What a fun Easter drive! It looks beautiful there. I would not have guessed that was Tulsa! I honestly had no idea of the style of homes. I laughed at your dog statue story. I wonder that, too?
    p.s. were you cruising around in a convertible??! ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love old houses. I would live in any one of those!!!

  3. WHat a beautiful drive! Gorgeous houses. I thought for sure you would be posting about ones "For Sale"he he Looks like the weather was nice. Where is the picture of you two love birds in that great car??

  4. I love Tulsa in the spring time.



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