Wednesday, April 22, 2009

42 YEARS AGO the Fillies Arrrived

These fillies were born on April 19, 1967 and April 20, 1967.............Cinnamon came first to Gypsy on a nice clear night. I was up getting ready for school when some people who shared the pasture with us had been to feed their horses and came by with the news Gypsy had foaled. My question was does she have any some sugar sprinkled on the hips.

Well that was a mirage because Cinnamon had no color except a beautiful burnished color, no black like her mom. She was a very beautiful baby but she had her mothers temperment...onery.

The next night Tequila had her baby in a horrible rain storm. We went to the pasture with a flash light combing the pasture and we saw some eyes low to the ground. It was
a foal and Tequila had just had her. We caught them and put them in the barn for the night so the new one would not drown.

We did get a sprinkle of sugar on the hips of this one.

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