Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hubby and I were reading the newspaper in the dining room when he said "LOOK!"

We had 3 Kits playing and having a great time right outside on the drive again this year!

We had blocked the deck where they couldn't den there this year, but low and behold we still have them living close this spring anyway.

He said do you want the long lens back on the camera

Naturally I said "Yes"!

I snuck out and was able to document them as they took off down the ditch between our house
and our neighbor. They are younger than the ones last year that I was able to photograph.

These guys aren't afraid of me and were so curious about me.
This one came up to me as I was leaning against the Jeep taking their pictures.

He is so cute!

Okay, you seem to be non threatning so guess I will go back to the others.

There are 4 but I was only able to get 3 at once.

This is the 4th one who was wandering around doing it's own thing.

I just love living here expecially this time of year, the Wildwood never disappoints!
I just dread when Jackie decides we have company
she will never shut up..............


  1. They are so cute....they look soft and have such neat markings. It's great they were so curious...perfect photo op! :)

  2. I did't get the pics...:-(

    I'll try again tomorrow.


  3. They are sooooooo cute!


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