Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow and more Birthday Wishes!

What happened to Spring and all the daffodils said Zoe and Jackie!?!

The red bud tree covered in snow looks very beautiful.

I want to wish Sherri a Happy Birthday and tell you a little about her. We have known each other since 7Th grade at Dewey Jr. High School, Dewey, Oklahoma. We have stayed friends all that time and I am so glad that Sherri moved back to Oklahoma a few years ago to be near her parents from Minneapolis, MN. We have shared more fun and more laughs since she came back to town than we ever did as kids and it is so wonderful to have her to share things with. She has always been one to keep us motivated even in school and in touch with the other classmates. If she doesn't hear from you for awhile she jingles the phone and wants to know how you are. She is a bright spot on a dreary day and I love her for that.


  1. Happy B-Day Sherri! Love the tree with the "PINK" snow on it! he he

  2. KT you made me miss MY best friend with your Birthday wishes to Sherri Sue... ;)

    SNOW! ACK!!! We got over 2" of rain. I heard on the Weather Channel that more winter storms are on the way for parts of the country--- sure hope YOU are not in their pathway!!

  3. Booo hooo... we didn't get enough snow for Chloe and SueSue to get out and play in... A goodly amount of rain, but barely a dustin' of snow.



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