Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ICE AND SNOW and a little progress

The Doves were all bunched up before the ice started trying to keep warm!

The weather here is horrible and it started to ice yesterday afternoon and it is horribly slick and dangerous.
The sheet rock guys worked yesterday and it is starting to look like it could happen!

Hey, just unfinished sheet rock makes it look so much better doesn't it!

The workers left and then the school bus missed his turn and slid around the corner and had to come down our Cul-DE-Sac. The driver tried to back out, when he decided he could not make the turn around, and slid around and blocked everyone in (or out) for about 3 hours until they came and got him out from the school bus barn.... Buses come down her at times for guided tours and it happens alot in the summer even. We have 2 houses of interest on our block and we have always had trouble with buses. This is the first school bus to come down, but it wasn't on purpose.
It was just like glass out there! Then today still the same old ice and this afternoon it started to snow. We did not get much snow or ice, but it is so cold and slick! Southeast of us the ice is 5 1/2 inches thick!
The deer came around today and they looked so pitiful with ice on their backs.
The sheetrock guys stayed home today. I wonder if it is because I freaked out about the cigarette smoke yesterday...... hum....... can't help it, I am allergic to it and it is my house!

See if you can tell there are 4 of them out there.

Hope the sheet rock guys come back to finish . . . . . .

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  1. Oh my! You are so lucky that bus didn't end up coming through your front door!!
    Maybe we'll finally get out of the house this afternoon if it warms up enough.


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