Friday, January 23, 2009

Chance a horse with a lot of Love

This is my cousin Robin showing Chance at the World Show this past summer in yearling Stallion.

This is OBVIOUSLY COOL CLU, his barn name is Chance and I just found out the little sweetie is going to a new home in Indiana tomorrow. I called him mine, and when one of his owners e-mailed me and said she was delivering a horse to Indiana.........
I got a lump in my throat!
I e-mailed her back and said "you aren't selling one of (my) horses are you"......... well, she was.
He is the most adorable, sweet, young man you would ever want to meet. I fell in love with him this past summer and my cousin Robin told me I would. I doubted it, because I am a Appaloosa or a Quarter Horse person, but she was right, I did. So I learned to never say never............. The temperament on this yearling stallion (gelding now, oops) is so amazing. The word is just plain sweet. I wish his new owners lots of luck with the sweet boy and I hope they have great success showing him. I know he will give them a lot of love, because that is what he does, he gets that from his daddy, Cool Heir.
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  1. What a pretty fella! I can see why you fell in love with him.


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