Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lemonade, Ice Cold Lemonade

Yes, I had a Cool-Aid Stand as a kid....I don't remember selling any! :)

The adorable and vivacious TrainWreck over at Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets nominated me for the Lemonade Award and I am so honored that she thinks I am deserving of such an award that honors attitude and gratitude!

I am going to publicly say thank you, thank you, thank you, verrrry much!
Trainwreck is one of those people who you just can't help but love!
She is so positive and has a real love of life and a love for others.
She always makes the rounds and visits the bloggers and always has very positive feedback for them.
She is the neighbor who would always be there for you, if you lived close, I am sure of it.
She would always have that cup of sugar for you to borrow.

I have always tried to keep a positive

spin on my life and my blog. I have always surrounded myself with people who are positive and have great attitudes with a grateful spot in their hearts for what they have, and the people in their lives. You know life is hard enough without attaching heavier stuff to your heart.

I am going to "fudge out of nominating anyone" at this time, because quite frankly I haven't

made that many contacts out in the blog world, to be able to nominate anyone, but her! Trainwreck was just nominated and she knows she has it all the time anyway! She is over run with attitude and gratitude! I am anxious to make other blogger acquaintances in the future and I really am proud to have had it given to me!



K. T at The Wildwood


  1. Well, aren't the sweetest person in the whole wide world to come check me out! Thanks so much! Isn't Trainwreck awesome. I just love her. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine!

  2. Oh My "Sister" has been here!! You will love her. She and I have the same thought process, I swear. I love to take a trip to her blog. Hopefully one day we will not only meet but be real neighbors!!
    Thank you for all your wonderful words!I even like me more! hahaha, you are the sweetest friend and I love our friendship, I was actually hesitant to give you the awrd. Not that you do not deserve it, you do. I just wasn't sure I wanted to share you! he he. Then you might forget me, with all your new friends...waaaahh! You have a wonderful day my friend, and I would give you the whole bag of sugar!!


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