Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beautiful Things Happen When You Love Somebody

This little guy has lived with me since the 1960's and it was given to me by my brother after he grew up, went to college, got a job, and moved to the big city. I can't believe that he missed me, but he must have.

My brother is 7 years older than me and I was really a pain in the him.

He was always doing special little things for me back then, small but special. You know it is funny how it is the little things that mean the most to you.

It has the tattered little sign in his hand and the cute little RED rabbit fur hair, little bird in hand........typical of the 1960's early 1970's. I always had it in my window then one day I noticed something.............


Oh my! Pictures, Images and Photos

you hear that happens with fine pieces of art always hope it doesn't happen to you, but sometimes even the most cared for possessions turn up missing.

I did not realize it for awhile actually..........


Then a few months later it was returned to me..........

the culprit had been found.!

Below is a photo of the guilty party who wanted it for their own.................


She had packed it up in her "cootie case" and took it home with her after a visit with her grandparents and myself. ha ha ha That was about 1975 when that happened. It was returned to me unharmed after just a few months. :)

Yes, it was my very brother's daughter who had been the perpetrator of the crime! Her mother had found it hidden away in her bedroom in Houston and returned it! Sarah was so darn cute, it was funny how she thought I did not need something that looked like a mutant Strawberry Shortcake! After all Aunt K was a grown person!

You know it is all those little things that make up your life stories and you always think of them when you see something like this little guy with the red hair and the little sign.

This morning when I awoke and turned over, it was the first thing I laid eyes on. and my thoughts went to Wesley and Sarah and how much I love them! The little red fur head now lives in my antique secretary behind a glass door, my piece of art, art to my heart.

This is Sarah now with her son, she has grown up, but I don't tell her where the little fur head is kept.'s our secret!


  1. Very cute! Glad it made it's way back home.

  2. Ha ha that is funny! Your life should be VERY BEAUTIFUL Because you are very LOVED!! Speaking of beautiful your niece is beautiful. Your brother must look alot like you.he he

  3. Hey are those little kits new?? I want one!! Ok It was my birthday the other day after all, That would make me smile!! A little fox! You have all the little creatures around your house, AH HA!! I figured it out!!! YOU ARE SNOW WHITE all grown up aren't you?? I should have seen it sooner!


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