Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

This is suppose to be a historic event we are experiencing with the snow.  I don't think we got as much snow as they did in other places close, but the wind was blowing at blizzard and white out conditions for most of last night and until this afternoon. We have about 14 inches I think so far, and it is still snowing here at late afternoon.  

The US highway 75 to Tulsa is closed today and the turnpike to Oklahoma City from Tulsa is closed also.  I do not ever remember that happening before.  The ceiling fell in on the Hard Rock Casino south east of Tulsa this morning from the snow.  It would have really been bad but our snow here is dry as powder.  I think south of us it is wetter because it was warmer.  We were in the area of predicted 20 inches of snow but thank goodness it isn't going to be that deep. 

The dogs don't care to go out in it because the wind chill was unbelievable.   Jackie likes the snow but this snow, not so much.  My mother was not able to get her dog to go out at all the last I talked to her.  She put down newspapers for Lexi and hopefully she remembers her puppy training.  :O

I am anxious for it to warm up a bit so I can go out and play in the snow with the dogs.  It is now a balmy 13 degrees with a wind chill of -1 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!  

Maybe I should just relax and read my new book

Keep warm everyone and take the time to relax and enjoy the nature of it all.


  1. Snowy pictures are always pretty, but I'd like to send my snow back up north! It's too cold down here in Texas to enjoy the snow too. Brrr!

  2. Nothing like a snow storm to stop time ! enjoy the book and a cup of hot cocoa!

    (and I love that first shot of yours - face plow' lol!)

  3. Oh goody,,I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment yesterday with all the new stuff on there. I've been thinking about you...stay safe and warm!

  4. Yes, I think the wood stove, so tasty hot coffee, and a good book is the remedy for a great afternoon. Stay safe 'n warm~

  5. I love that room! Perfect room to curl up and read a book:) I can't believe all that snow! I am sure glad we came when we did! Of course I wouldn't have minded getting snowed in either:)


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