Thursday, February 3, 2011

We are still snowed under...

Today was the first day that I went out with my husband in the truck.  He ventured out yesterday but I stayed in.  Our neighborhood streets are still pretty snow packed. 

The field on the way to the Post Office

Jackie is finally getting out in it and having fun. 

 She loves to eat snow, stick her head down in it, just plain act like a goof!

She is just plows through like a little mini snow plow

She is so darn cute
I know I am just a softie
but just look at that face!!!!

You have to admit, she is darn cute!!!!

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  1. Yes, she is a cutie! You know, I don't think our Mollie has ever been in snow now that I think of it....and she is 11 years old. Thank you so much for your sweet means a lot to me! P.S. ...I tried to access your blog from your said your blog was private...maybe from last time you changed your stuff around?? I came through my blog roll and didn't have a problem...


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