Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW...........

We got another foot well 13 inches to be exact today.  Gee the snow had not melted from the last one and here we have another 13 inches piled on top of that.  It is pretty but I am getting tired of it...I mean there is only so long that you can stand being held up in the house!  

The birds are eating more birdseed than ever, but I have noticed since it is so cold the squirrels aren't out and about, they are like us held up in their little nest.  

The snow is deep enough today you can't see the steps.

but that did not bother Whacky Jackie....

She decided to go check on the cardinal nest..

but she didn't get them stirred out of the bush.

we also have our own small snowplow......with a little tail attached to the back.  :)

She has been wearing alot of white snow on her nose
for a little bling an shine.

then around the bend she comes.....bending into the curve
with the precision of a fine racer.....

with top speed to come indoors 
because her little toes got cold....

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  1. Love your little snowplough! :o)

    It looks sooo pretty, but far too cold for me. The bird photos are fabulous - that second one would cries out for a caption 'spot the odd one out' or something like that. What sort of bird is the red one. Its very striking.

    I'll cross my fingers you get a thaw soon.


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