Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am hoping this is the last of the snow photos for this year, well at least until next December!

Three weeks ago we had that record breaking snow blizzard and then within another week we had
record breaking low temps of -28F degrees along with another bigger snow of 13 inches at our house. Some places within 2 miles east of our house had 20 inches the second time and 14 inches the first snow, with about only half melting before the second time around. We usually have snows when the temps are around 
28 to 30 F
and it will stay around a day or two and then
be gone....

Well this is Oklahoma....

they say if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma,

just wait a minute and it will change.
Well it lasted a little more than a minute this time,
the children all missed 2 weeks of school due to snow.
We usually never have more than 4 snow days missed during a school year because of snow....

Snow, snow, snow

I was afraid to give Lexi her haircut for fear she would freeze to death!  I did break it up in 2 sittings, because my old knee
still gives me fits, especially in this cold weather.  If you notice
her little ears are still shaggy. 

There, I finally got to the ears done and now they are not shaggy! 

I started Obedience class with Lexi today and she did real well for her first class and acted like a little lady.  I was afraid she would be like ricochet rabbit, but she wasn't!  Weird!!!

And you know what the other weird thing about today was....

It was 85 degrees and the snow is gone,
now if now you figure out that temperature difference in just 8 days......
well, this is Oklahoma, but that is almost scary!


  1. I love Lexi's coat. Looks as though the dogs are going to miss the white stuff, even if you aren't ... they're having such fun!

    Lovely photos.

    Enjoy your sunshine :o)

  2. wow..85°! That is warmer than Arizona right now! They are predicting rain for us this weekend...I hope so..we need it! We haven't had any moisture since Christmas!

  3. the dogs look happy, and the snow lookjs cold! We are getting a snowstorm todat, for the next few days they say.Burrr!


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