Thursday, February 17, 2011


GUN DIVA had a drawing for some gift bags and I won!  I got mine and my husbands eyes kinda popped out when he saw it was all gun related.  I don't know why but maybe he thought I was getting to serious with my gun talk!  ha ha  

 I thought those ear plugs were adorable that look like bullets sticking out of your ears!  Thanks girls and anxious to see the blog when you change it up a bit.  Mrs. Mom is letting loose of her part of the reins, but I know it will be in good hands.  Thanks so much for my gift bag, you gals are swell!


  1. KT!! I'm so glad you got a goody bag. Enjoy those ear plugs- are they not just the coolest looking plugs?? I plan on using mine later today to dull the noise from the Locust Brothers... muwahahahaha

    (Cant use them on the range- negative pressure would suck them out of my ears. But if we ever can make it to the nearby outdoor range, I'll be testing them then!!)

  2. I'm glad you like your bag! Those ear plugs were my favorite and I stopped by Black Hills Ammo's booth a lot to keep shoveling them into my bag for giveaways. Tara and I had a blast "shopping" for the giveaway goodies.

  3. BTW - love your spam message about boycotting american women. Smart, huh? Can we just say that particular gentleman will probably never get any from an American woman, hence the boycott?

    Just a thought...


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