Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Grandma's house

We walked across the street so Jackie could visit her Grandma and play with her little Lexi girl.  
Jackie has been going stir crazy just like the rest of us with this
 It has been so deep the dogs don't like
being out, it is just too much work to try to get 
around in it!

Lexi just can't figure the snow out.  She looks at it and jumps up and down trying to decide what to do. 

 Finally she jumped out into it and gave it her all, the Girls got their exercise today!

Lexi had a hard time catching up to Jackie, she just isn't used to plowing through the snow.

Lexi tries to run on the top of the snow...

and Jackie just plows through

Here I come Momma!

I am trying to keep up !

Poor little Lexi, her hair is soaking wet and the snow is all balled up in it.  She needs her haircut
but I am afraid she will freeze when I cut it off.  To get the snow off a Schnauzer you have to put them in a warm tub of water to melt it off.  Jackie laughs because you just have to hit her with a towel and she is dry.  

I am going to trim her before Thursday, because that is our first day at beginner
Obedience class and I don't want her to be embarrased!  
I just hope the dog isn't smarter than the trainer.....

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