Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's all about the birds this time, and we finally figured out how to keep the squirrels out of the flat feeder...grease the feeder pole good with Vaseline and it really has worked since summer!

Isn't there something about a bright red Cardinal in
the winter that gives you a dash of adrenalin when you see it?
It is almost like they are there just to make us feel better
during the darkness of a winters day.  

I also love to see all the visits from the many yellow finches we get.  They will be turning a very bright yellow within the next 6 weeks or so.  

When we first moved to this house we put out thistle feeders for them and you could sit in the living room and just see all these bright yellow finches diving all around to feed.  It would get daytime company going, "what was that!"  We have a very large group of them here and you can't even count them most of the time.

then the little chickadee's are so adorabe!

the little house finches are super cute and love to chatter!

now the other problem is how do you get rid of these 
old ladies 
from eating up all the lunch?
I do love to hear them cooing 

It is nothing to have 20 of these trying to all get in this little tray of sunflowers seeds!    
Yes, the Mourning Doves are as bad as thre squirrels!


  1. Hey you have to roll over the bottom of your page to find the "leave a comment" button?? I didn't think I was able to leave a comment? Aw Cardinals and birds! I can't wait til Spring/Summer!! I love to see all the little birds, they do bring a smile to my face as well. I sure wish we had cardinals here though:(

  2. OH that cardinal shot is breathtakingly red and beautiful!

    These are gorgeous!

  3. Ahh .. this has answered the question I asked on another post. The red bird is a Cardinal .... so beautiful!


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