Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh my gosh, how sweet!

Gillie before she left Oklahoma
and below her meeting with The Gillespie's!
She loved them from the start just like we did! They are the nicest couple you would ever want to meet, and their children are adorable!
Cowboy has been taking Gillie to work with him every day so I would say she is a happy camper!

After we met TrainWreck and her Cowboy, Train Wreck gave me a box.
In it was an amazing assortment of gifts.
She is so sweet and thoughtful and she is such an amazing person and she is such a talented and giving woman.
She made this adorable personal frame just for me with pictures I had posted on my blog.
It is the cutiest thing I have ever saw! It is on a scrapbooking theme and I love it!
I don't know how she finds the time to accomplish all she does!
Then there was that adorable bucket with kisses in it, a reed infuser with the most wonderful vanilla scent, Chocolates in the heart box, the little book of inspiration, the cowgirl paperweight made by TrainWreck, and the oh so adorable pendant TrainWreck made also.
This barb wire candle cute

and a selection of her prints. They are wonderful and I am going to mat and frame them!
They will remind me of her always!
I am never going to forget her kindness.
I wish she lived next door to me, we would have so much in common and have a great time!
Maybe one day they will want better grass and come be our neighbors!
Okay it could happen! :)
and Gillie is my granddog so it would be closer!


  1. What a great new friend you made!

  2. Oh look at you! You are too sweet. It was a pleasure meeting you, and Russ, & your wonderful traveling Party!! I will post soon about our side of the story. Thank, you for all you did and continue to do for us. ((hugs)) You are a great addition to our gang.

  3. Hello Jackie's new parents! You have indeed gotten a wonderful dog! I know Jackie and I have 2 JR's myself....feel free to email me at to visit. Dolly


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