Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We loaded the Denali for our weekend trip to Amarillo, Texas, we were on a mission along with our good friends the Mocks. We had a special delivery to make and we were meeting half way more or less to make the drop off.

Along the way we stopped in El Reno, Oklahoma on Route 66 for an early lunch at world famous Sid's Diner.

The food and hamburgers are really good and worth the stop!

Here are Bill, Carolyn and K. T. outside of Sid's Diner there in El Reno, Oklahoma

They serve breakfast there too if you are by early.

Here we are looking at all the memorabilia at Sid's and enjoying the company of each other.

The owner came and visited with us, he was a really nice man and told us he named

it in honor of his Daddy.

We got back in the car to head on down the road with our precious cargo.

are you wondering what we are delivering yet?

It is Gillie!

She is the best traveler that I have ever saw! She caused no problems and was just happy to be with us going on a big adventure.

So we are in Texas now and almost to Amarillo

......the wind is blowing and stirring all the dust south of us for miles

Amarillo and the panhandle are notorious for that.

We got to Amarillo by 3PM and checked into the motel. I got in touch with Gillie's

soon to be new family.

It is hard to give up such a sweet face as this!

Bill playing with her in our room.

I think at times Bill and I wanted to grab her and bolt out of there and take her back home....

Ross and Carolyn are the sensible ones of the 4..........

okay, so we have soft hearts and get attached but that is a good trait right?

We know Gillie is going to be happier with a family of kids, dogs and cats to play with instead of old people!

Funny how logic has nothing to do with the heart!

This little girl captured my heart in the month she has been around, but that wasn't hard .

She is one of the cutiest and smartest dogs I have been around at such a young age. She does something once and she has it down.

Here Gillie and I are waiting in anticipation to meet her new mommy and daddy!

I think I hear someone knocking on the door Gillie!

Are you ready to meet your new family?

I think I am......

It is none other than Train Wreck and her Cowboy all the way from Arizona to adopt Gillie!

Now you have figured out why she was named Gillie awhile back!

The Gillespies are her new family!

I am going to miss my little sweetie pie, but I know she is going to have a great home with a great set of family and friends to play with. The Gillespie children adored her and Trent will take her to work with him and give her lots of attention along with the proper training and discipline.

It was so amazing how 6 adults could get so involved in the life of a little puppy that no one apparently seemed to want at the start of her little life and dumped her. We all worked to provide a good start for the little princess and she did not suffer any self esteem problems with being abandoned by her original home, we all made sure of that! She will always be in our hearts but
now she has lots of people who love her and will make sure she is always loved.

Here she is the next day after she was dumped playing in the yard at Mock's.

Who could do that to such a cute puppy?

Train Wrecks Cowboy wanted her and voiced it from the 1st post I did on her. At first I thought they were just kidding, but they were not , they were serious as a TrainWreck! I just knew in my heart they were going to be the best family for her, she would be in the country and have lots of love.
Bill thought I was nuts finding her a home in Arizona, but we all prevailed and it happened!
The Mocks are true champions of the little animals who need a home.
Mocks spend more time and money helping out abandoned animals that any 2 people I know. When you live in the county like they do you are a dumping ground for people who don't have a conscience. This is odd because this is the first puppy they have found. Usually it is cats and kittens that wind up at their house.
I feel truly blessed to have been a part of helping the
innocent little Gillie find a home, and double blessed there wonderful people
like the Gillespie's in the world.

We believe an angel sat on this little girl so we would meet Train Wreck and her Cowboy, because without Gillie we would still be strangers.
We felt a bond and a friendship the minute the knock came on the door of our motel room.
and Gillie took to them like a duck on water.


you will never
know how much it meant to all four of us that you will love Gillie
like we do.

We are proud to call you our friends
P.S. we expect to see her on holidays! :)


  1. Oh you are so sweet! Now how am I going to even get my post as close to yours? What a great story, We feel the same way! Yes of course holidays are a must! She is off with Trent to work today. He is having so much fun with "his" dog! I had to get her a sweater, she gets tooooo cold when she has to go outside. ((hugs)) my newly met dear friend!

  2. I love this story! Gillie is just the cutest girl!

  3. What a sweet story! But I wouldn't expect anything less with a cast of such charming characters!

  4. Well, small world isn't it? Great post on sweet Gillie and her new family. From what I've read she will be loved, played with, and well cared for by her new family.

    Tell Bill and Carolyn I said hello. I think I'll have to just make a trip to see them.


  5. Is Gillie's new mistress really named Train Wreck (and why?)? I love her name and loved the sweet story. Gillie is one blessed dog!


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