Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday's morning news

Yesterday morning as I was eating my breakfast and watching the local Tulsa Fox news station

they feature a Wednesday weekly pet adoption segment.

Me & Phoebe

This particular morning they had 2 dogs on, one Sheppard mix and the other one was this little

Jack Russell who is 6 years old

and it's owner had raised it from a puppy. They said she knew tricks, was potty trained, and

was really sweet.

Her owner was a gentleman who was forced to give his dog away because of circumstances

beyond his control they said, and he was very grieved by this event.

The poor little thing just sat on the volunteer's lap and was quite the little well behaved lady. I

thought to

myself, she is so cute and that is such a sad of a story.

I can not imagine what that would feel like, and my heart went out to both the master and the dog.

The next thing I know I told my husband about it and he said you wanna go look?

(Total shocker)

I said no

we can't because the movers are coming at 2

and the shelter is only open from 12 to 4 every day and it is 45 minutes away.

Well, it was not much after that the movers called and said they had gotten done early, can we

come on now to help you move your furniture to the basement?


so we decided to go take a look and see what the Jack Russell was like for ourselves that

afternoon after we

grabbed a bite of lunch.

Then we got to the shelter and there she was waiting to meet us after being on the television!

her name is Jackie, probably because she is a Jack Russell

my mom said, only like my mom can say, that dog is OLD!

she has no life,

it won't be around long enough and Karen will cry.

Okay, they all hate to see me cry......

I guess I am famous for that trait.....

they assured us she was only 6 years old and had only had one owner her whole life.....

well here she is......

among the daffodils

and she is full of life and fitting right into the groove at our house.

She is everything they said she was thing

they didn't tell us......

we have to work on the


part of her personality....

poor Phoebe

it's gonna be a long row to hoe


  1. KT! Long story short, My Tanner wants a puppy sooo bad, but with all the goings on, I don't think we're home enough for a puppy. He got a Build a Bear CG for Christmas, and we finally went this past weekend...guess what he picked? A JR Terrier!! He dressed him in the cutest jacket, and bought a bed for him. He won't go anywhere without him. My question to you, what kind of puppy can handle the love of a 7 year old??? I need an indoor dog that won't shed. I sooo want that JR that you just got. Trained, loved, one owner-how stinkin' lucky is Jackie??? Congrats to you and Ross!!

  2. OMG!!! You got a Terror? hahahaha you know that is what my Ryley is right? I have had 3. They are the best dogs! I am so glad you got her. Trent asked last night if you got a dog? I didn't know what he was talking about, I will have to tell him. LOL see you should have kept Gillie, you would have had less mischief....

  3. She is so CUTE! Phoebe will learn to love her. They will be the best of friends one of these days!

  4. What a cute kiddo! I have a JRT too, Pepper. She is a mess! And she terrorizes my barn cat constantly! But she is a good mouser, Pepper, not the barn cat!


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