Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cow Dogs

Did I tell you I LOVE ArtPaws?

These Blue Heelers are my favorites! I can never get enough of these three! They look my buddy Linda Palmer's baby's! Linda, which one is Petska? :)

Cow Dogs, originally uploaded by artpaw.

I am going to let this gal do my dogs one of these days soon!

This is an adorable Siamese Kitten...reminds me of my Sammye Kat!

You can find her blog "Artdogblog" under my blog friend list, check it out you will love her work, or go to her web site to order http://www.artpaws.com/

Isn't this little schnauzer adorable? You just gotta go check out her site....

PS. We did not have the same political ideas and goals but I still like her! He art is computer graphics done with a Wacom pad...so cool! Yes she is an artist not everyone coming down the pike can do it like she can and she loves animals so much so I will forgive her for being a democrat :)

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