Saturday, November 8, 2008

A tale of 2 sisters, twins that is...

Taylr and Karly are our miracle babies, they came into our lives with a bang and it has been that way ever since. We all fell in love with them the minute we first laid eyes on them, it was all done, my heart was theirs. My mom just melted all over .... Aunt Dodi was hooked, line and sinker.
Taylr & Karly

Now aren't those the cutest little squirts you ever saw! Okay, okay, I remember their mom was almost that cute! :)

Taylr was the the baby who always said she was my girl. I mean how can you argue with that,

she has good taste. :)

Karly always claimed she was my mom's special girl.... Aunt Dodi, she's mine!

Karly still whispers secrets and tells jokes to Dodi...... ha ha he he...!!!

those 2 have some kind of secret club I think....

I think the girls just did that to tease us... and try to get a buzz out of us telling us who was their was funny, we would laugh, and we all have been accused of favoritism but that isn't so, we love each other equally. We are bonded for life!

Taylr and Karly's first horse show and
ribbons........1st and 2nd place lead line.

They are the cutiest little cowgirls aren't they? I know I think all "my"

kids are the greatest, but hey, they are and don't try to tell me that they aren't!

They have Annie Oakley in their blood too! He haw!

They used to love to play dress up and then do photo sessions. That was always the most fun

They dressed up in all sorts of things I had around the house. I have an old hat

collection... that was their favorite spot when they hit the door, then outside they would go

me armed with our trusty camera.

but how do you get from this....

to this ..............



so quickly????? and how do you explain how much you can love kids that aren't your own. They may be my

cousins girls, but I love them like they are mine,
..........oh heck I love 'em more than that actually!
they moved to another state several years
back and we haven't had the time together we
used to share, but the love is the same!
miss you guys!


  1. Okay- so this time was grining until I was crying. Deb

  2. oh what beautiful girls! Great pictures of them through the years.


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