Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saga of the Basement Remodel

For the floor I chose 20 inch tile on the diagonal. It is pretty and the installer was really good, we would use him again if the need were to arise. I was going to use travertine at first, but we cut back and used ceramic instead. I think for a basement application the tile is a good answer for us. The carpet was nice and warm but this will be easier to keep clean. I will put down large area rugs and that will help with the sound and acoustics. I am using upholstered sofas instead of leather to help with that also.

We have to get the new ceiling lights figured out and then we can start on the ceiling. I really would like to put up a tongue and groove pine ceiling, but I don't think the budget will let us. The stock market has caused us to re-think the original plans for the remodel. We are cutting back on a lot of the plans, but we are going to replace the sliding doors to the outside. Those doors are 12 foot long! We will install 2 stationary windows and 1 set of french doors that are energy efficient and it will save enough on energy bills to make it worth the added cost. We will have the same amount of light just not such a huge hole in the wall! When they built the house in 1960 the idea for the original owners was to entertain in the basement with the doors wide open........that doesn't fit Oklahoma....too many bugs and mosquito's in summer! Actually I wanted to stop and not go ahead with this project, but we decided we needed to do it. My husband thinks I have no faith..but I do, I just like to be safe and not sorry later. You should have saw this place when we first looked at it! The basement was this old guys practice band had orange shag carpet half way up the walls....with dark cork above it with a little gold foil wallpaper here and there for good measure....that was way back in 1986! We did not buy it then...we got it in '92. So I did not have to be the one to tear that out. Hey, one day I will tell you about the master bedroom..........

We have gotten the ceiling out and the mess cleaned up! Actually that has been done for a week but we have been shopping for the furniture and found a good deal on a wall unit for our TV that we don't have yet... :) Oh well details, details....Originally we were going to build custom wall units in. We found we can buy pre-built cheaper than building it in and in this economy we went that route. We will just have to store it until the basement is done. Right now is a good time to be buying furniture if you can, things are tight for them and they are offering some substantial discounts.

The one I wanted was way too tall for our basement ceilings.......oh but it was so beautiful, but it was 10 ft tall and our basement ceiling is only 8 ft tall..........! It is this one and I wanted in black....and it did have 2 more extensions on each side that this one did not show, oh well I could not cut the top off could I? So we settled on this one hubby wanted....and it fit, so what can I say....

Don't you just hate it when what you want doesn't work out and the one your husband likes does? Oh well, I think this one will suit us well and it has tons of storage. It matches my other old things and it will blend in well with my other pieces of furniture.

Later I am going to show you what I want to do to the fireplace. I am sick, sick I tell you, of that ugly ORANGE tile fireplace! Don't you love the fireplace storage I have? :) I swear I will take that out before I build a fire! he he


  1. Wow, remodeling the cool is that. The only thing that gets remodeled around here is the barn. lol

  2. What a project! Can't wait to see the final results!
    Do you think I could feature some of Carolyn's artwork on my blog if I give her credit and add her phone number? I just love the Appaloosa print and the chaps one you have on your sidebar! ;)

  3. Oh it looks great all though you should have left a little sawdust on the floor, ya know for character!he he! I know what you mean about what you wanted vs whet you get! I love your pick for the entertainment unit! Oh I can't wiat to see what yo do with your fireplace...
    Look at all you hotties! How great to have all those girl friends! I bet you ladies had some memorable times! hubba hubba! AND MY DEAR FRIEND YOU ARE NOT OLD! ha you are still hot! and funny! I am sure you are just old enough to be my bigger sister! REbA!? Your friend works for Reba?? Girl you do know all the famous rdheads don't you(he he) Love you my Wildwood friend, hugs and a ever so happy Thanksgiving to you!


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