Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Weekend....

I had tons of things to do this weekend, but for some reason I got bit by the "lets make jewelry bug"! 

I put on my IPOD and listen to Bob Wills and away the weekend goes...
I listen to more than Bob Wills, but this weekend he seemed to be my favorite.

My mom said "I didn't think you made jewelry anymore",
which I replied
"I haven't had time or the energy to dig it all out!"

The cooler weather and the adjustment to my thyroid has made me much more energetic!

 I have a companion who likes Bob Wills music too.

and she likes mink also....
nothing is too good for the princess.....


  1. You've had a productive weekend - is turquoise/blue your favourite colour? They are very pretty.

    The 'princess' looks very comfortable in her borrowed furs

  2. Oh wow KT-- you were wicked productive this weekend! That is some beautiful jewelery! And of course your helper is just too stinking cute ;)

    Really glad you are perking up too. You go girl!!

  3. Definitely a productive weekend. Glad the thyroid thing is evening out.

  4. Im glad you figured out the thyroid issue and put it "back" to where it belongs :) because the jewelry making with bob' really looks fantastic!


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