Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buddy Tough, RIP, a nationional disgrace on the face of Hydro and to OKLAHOMA

This is a follow up on the article Buddy Tough the POODLE and his owner Mr. Fry who police in Hydro, Oklahoma killed because the owner was jailed for breaking him out of the pound because he couldn't afford the $100 fee to do it legally.

I believe this was a gross injustice and other options could have been worked out . Whatever happened to bringing the owner in and trying to work it out instead of being a vigilante police force to an old man and his little dog? 
I am outraged and saddened that people can be so cruel and uncaring about such a petty problem as the Poodle and his owner were presenting to the citizens of this small place.   This has made the national and foreign news and I see this as a total disgrace by the city of Hydro toward a citizen of it's community and the state, now the nation. 

Another YES, BISCUIT blogger had this to say

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