Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hydro man lands in jail over poodle rescue

 I am not ashamed to say I am extremely upset by this article and I want to know what you think of this situation that happened in Hydro, Oklahoma.
It was in our local newspaper and even made it to the CBS national news, MSNBC and other newspapers all over the country.
....yes it is a true story. 

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 Elderly Hydro Man Lands in Jail Over Poodle Rescue

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Note from me:
I am appalled by the Police department in the town of Hydro, Oklahoma.  I believe they did this for spite and to hurt Mr. Fry and euthanized his dog to teach him the lesson that they are the higher authority.  Yes, Mr.Fry,the owner was wrong, but he was desperate, they had threatened him by saying they were going to kill it, and his dog was his only family it appears. This dog was a poodle, not a Pit Bull or a large menacing breed.   I know that I am totally ashamed that this situation happened in the state I have always been proud of.  
I believe the State of Oklahoma should charge the city of Hydro, Oklahoma and the Police officer with animal abuse.  
I think this was a crime against Mr. Fry and his dog being euthanized was the price Mr Fry had to pay to satisfy the police department or Officer Chancellor, it's sad and cruel.
There is a lot more to this story than you read I am sure.

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  1. http://newsok.com/euthanization-of-hydro-mans-poodle-stirs-ire/article/3509063

    Probably the good news in all of this mess is that the local citizens are taking an active part in their community by voicing their complaints and concerns.


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