Saturday, September 25, 2010

Longhorns and Cowboys, Dewey, Oklahoma

Dewey had their Western Heritage Parade and Wild West Show last weekend. 
I thought this little team of donkeys and wagon were adorable!

to see the rodeo photos click below

The One Armed Bandit Rodeo Enertainers 

Opps, they were getting a little out of hand .....

and those horns were longer than most that you see....

especially since we were at eye level...
Mom and my friend, Linda


  1. Awesome KT!!!!! As always, fantastic pix! Wish we could have been there to watch- looks like that parade is way better than some of the ones out our way ;)

    Stay cool out there!

  2. You are making me want to come to Oklahoma for a visit! have actually been to Bartlesville and I think Dewey..can't

  3. Great photos KT.

    Is that a real horse/rider on top of the truck ???

    The horses are sooo well behaved. Not sure my old girl would let me carry a huge waving banner/flag whilst 'on board' :o)

  4. Yes Sue that is a real hors and rider on the top of the trailer! It is a family rodeo act and this was the son Lynn. I added a link to it if you want to see their website. It is interesting. They do all sorts of amazing things. They work with buffalo also in their act.

  5. Thanks for the link KT its fascinating - especially for us Brits (rodeo life is totally alien to us) :o) How did he get electrocuted .. or am I being morbid?? He's an incredible character :o)

  6. Thanks for your explanation (via my blog) - he's an amazing character :o)

  7. love this! And yes, those horns were what we call "stinkin' long!

    I think its great that they still carry tradition with horses and cattle; liability issues are making it nearly impossible up in the great lakes region.

    Thanks for taking these!

  8. Wanted to add - also LOVE the new blog look ~ you made that little tough guy look like a classic oil painting beauty!

  9. That looks like so much fun!!
    Hey, can u send me an email? I want to talk to you about Tulsa! My email is

  10. So... er... what was that longhorn doing?

    Never mind. What an amazing horse on top of that trailer! Boy, you wouldn't want a spook on that parade.


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