Wednesday, September 1, 2010


There are even more hummingbirds feeding this week than before. They must be in the numbers of a hundred or more.  I just can't believe it!  They are so much fun to watch and so cute!
Here is a male Ruby Throat Hummingbird.
The males are harder to photograph because they don't sit still as long as the females do, and there aren't as many of them.

They are really hard to photograph because they move so fast and are so small

I have used up about 10 lbs of sugar this week alone feeding them!

 Usually they only have one to two birds on a feeder, now they are usually 6 or more birds on a feeder.  I have 8 feeders around the yard.  They seem to like this one the best that hangs right outside the window by my desk.  

This little one hit the glass of the window and knocked the sense out of herself.    I picked her up before Jackie could nail it and I hope it recovered.  I placed it by the Yew bush outside the fence. Sometimes they do recover and sometimes they don't if they get a bad injury.  We have only lost 2 this summer that I know of due to hitting the windows.  It just hurts my heart when it happens....


  1. They have passed the word!!..good eats here! I really believe they do that..we have so many quail..multi-generations families even..babies, teenagers and adults. I do limit myself to feeding once a day...they would eat us out of house and home. I always make sure they have fresh water...

  2. Looks like great pictures to me! of something moving so fast :)

  3. Those hummingbirds got your number ~ "the good stuff is right here at the pretty lady's house'! :D


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