Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweetest of Babes

I took this photos yesterday of this brother and his little sister....they are the cutiest little ones!
 I asked him if he could kiss his sissy and he said NO!

hopefully he doesn't push her in the water....  LOL!

but he did....   cute aren't they?

I asked him if he could look at the camera and so did his mom...he said, NO!
but he did...   

his sister was born on our wedding anniversary!

This is a couple of proud grandparents and they should be!


  1. Lovely photos Sunny .... I like the little teddy bear too!

  2. What a little cutie with her hair bling!...and the little boy is not too shabby either...looks like a nice day out..

  3. Babies!!!! Im envious, one day I will be grandparent, but only if I dont scare off my two unmarried daughters! lol

    He looks to be loooots of fun ~ has grandpa taken him fishing yet?


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