Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh How Wonderful, first sights of spring

I always love to see the daffodils blooming.  They are some of the very first signs of spring.
It is my Mothers favorite as well as mine.  I used to love to have the tulips come up but the deer would just eat them and I would be mad at them.  So now it is just daffodils, the deer don't like them. So this way I get to enjoy
the flowers and not get my blood pressure up over silly little tulips.
The Oklahoma Redbuds are showing off their fancy color.  It is just bursting out in the back yard!

Enjoy the beauty of the spring where you live!


  1. Beautiful images...still wind and rain here we get Spring when everyone else has finished :)

  2. We're not in this much bloom yet. Can hardly wait for the color to begin showing.


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