Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, I have been absent a lot lately and it has been just crazy around here!  We are still working on our house AND yard trying to get caught up after all the illnesses we have encountered over the last year. 

My mom had surgery for stenosis of the spine at Christmas and she is doing much better now also.  She had gotten where she could not stand to walk or even sit because it hurt so badly.  She is buzzing around now almost as good as new.

My brother had a heart attack in March.........scary had 4 stints put in and is doing well now, just tired from inactivity he says.  He is working on that and he will be here to visit in about 2 weeks.  Yeah!

The latest thing is my oldest cousin had a bad stroke and I have spent a fair amount of time with her at the hospital.  She and her husband had gone for a short walk and she fell in the street and it messed her face up really badly, it was the stroke that caused the fall.  It will be 3 weeks this Tuesday and she is doing so much better.  She has paralysis on her right side and still isn't able to speak, but I have high hopes that will remedy itself with physical and speech therapy. .

So it has been almost scary to answer the telephone around here wondering what is going to happen next.....then I read the struggles the rest of you are having and I know we are not alone.  

We all have struggles in life and we have to buckle up and deal with them, but we do have each other to keep us spirited on. I am grateful for my friends and family and my blog family.  Thanks so much for all the support you have offered over the past year.  I will be back posting with my guns blazing soon!   


  1. Glad to hear from you KT!!! Prayers for all your family and yourself from our corner. Been a tough year there for y'all.

    Smooch your pooch from me too please!!

  2. Sending healing thoughts across the Pond. Priceless photo of the pooch :)


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