Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well I am and I have always been!  I used to have to be held down screaming my little head off as a child if I had to get a shot.......just the kind of kid a nurse hates to see coming!   I mean it, I was the worst!

I get a squeegie feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it. I honestly thought I would never get married because you had to take a blood test to do it.  

 I did almost pass out when they took my blood when we were going to get married, seriously!  I just can not stand the sight of needles!

When the twin girls were born their mother, my cousin, was in a life threatening situation and she needed blood and plasma, and a lot of it.  My husband and I decided we needed to go donate blood to the Red Cross to help the blood bank in their honor.  

So off we go and we both gave blood.....

I got up to go get my juice and 
cookies before my husband and he
heard them yelling 
"we got one down".........  two guesses who 
it was.....

me, with my dress over my head...

So imagine the suprise when I decided last week to do this..

Yes, I decided I would go for an acupuncture treatment!
I have scoliosis and I have had back pain all my life.  
My acupuncturist had so much to do to me that I looked like a porcupine!

She did my back ,my shoulders, my knees, and my ankles. 
It was heavenly and I am so sorry I let the fear of needles keep me from doing it years sooner.   
It relaxed me so much and made me feel so much better.  
My back is not hurting like crazy and my knees feel better.
I am even more tranquil in my spirit.
Sleep has been good since also.
I went for my second treatment today.
Oh my goodness who would have thought!

Try it you will like it!!!!


  1. Oh dear! I have had acupuncture. I didn't have that many needles though! I don't like getting shots (like the flu shot.) I just can't watch and I'm okay. I've never given blood (don't weight enough.)
    My horse hates needles, though! He was a stinker yesterday and fought like a son-ova-gun, but we got two in him! ;)

  2. The needles are so thin, it still amazes me that they don't hurt. Glad you found something that works!


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