Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Life

Did I ever say that I think deer whistles work????

                   All men I know laugh at me and tell me I am nuts................well maybe I am.

                      But last week hubby had a deer jump in front of him on the interstate going 75....

the good news is he was not hurt.  Truck hurt a little and the deer did not make it.

So do you think deer whistles work?

Then this week Zoe suddenly started to not feel too good.
I took her to the vet to see what they were going to 

Well they checked her for diabetes like they always do because her full sister Chloe had it along with Cushing Syndrome......

Her sugar has always been good before but this past week it was over 650!  So now she is on insulin shots.
I am pretty traumatized by that turn of events.  She is my mom's dog but she is like mine too.  She is the one who never left me when I was in so much pain during this illness I just got over.  She was always there for me, she is such a dear girl.

The excitingly good news is I got the new front doors stained and varnished!  I was so stressed out because they had been waiting in the garage for me to feel good enough to do the job and finally I was up to standing up on the concrete long enough and the weather held out for me too!  The contractor came and hung them.  I think they look great and I am so glad to be done with the old ugly ones I had for the entire 17 years we have lived here.  


Why did we wait so long with those ugly doors?????? 



  1. Those doors look AMAZING. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling that much better KT. Doing a job like that RIGHT takes a bit, and they look stunning!!

    Poor truck!! RIP to the deer ... and the deer whistles ;)

  2. I used to have deer whistles on my truck. I think they worked.

    Hope Zoe starts feelin' better soon. Nothing worse than a sick furkid!

    The doors look great!

  3. Sweet Zoe...bless her heart. Glad Ross is okay. And the lions up in Caney probably got fresh meat!

    The doors look soooooooo much better.


  4. Oh poor Ross! I am so glad he is ok. We have deer & elk here I am constantly watching both sides of the road. A couple years ago a car in front of me hit an elk! It was awful. I have never heard of a deer whistle?? Poor Zoe. I hope she gets better. Your doors are gorgeous! I wish I was knocking on them right now:) I am thankful we are friends too. Love you Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Give everyone hug(())


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