Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cooks Book Signing

Last night my girlfriend and I decided to go to the Pioneer Woman Cooks booksigning. I told Sherri we would go a little late so it would not be so crowded......

yeah right!

You have to remember this is a small town and this is the hometown that raised Ree Smith Drummond, "Pioneer Woman" . Her dad is one of the local orthopedic surgeons in our small town, and her step mom lined up this whole deal.

They had 3 lines to sign books, now how did they expect one person to sign books from 3 lines?

My friend Sherri wanted to get her book signed and we waited in line for 30 minutes and it did not move one little bit!

Sherri said this is not worth it, lets go get some dessert, but first go up and take her picture for me.

Okay I did, I crowded in and snapped these shots.

I am sure she will invite Sherri and I over to her house to sign her copy when things settle down a little for her..........don't ya think?


  1. Cute new blog look! Okay how did you get the dancing turkey- he's super cute.

  2. Well of course she will! he he Hey please tell me you got your package!? I sent it last week. I hope its not getting kicked around somwhere....((hugs)) Oh & I still have a few marbles left! lol

  3. Everyone that I have heard from that went to a book signing has left empty handed. Did you at least get some good dessert?

  4. Oh, I would of loved to go to that! Who could not love that woman!

    Thanks for the comments on my recent post.. I am so angry over this thing they are trying to push on us!


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