Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been just laying around all depressed because I don't have anything new to wear....

I kept telling my Mommy that I needed a new collar to make me look and feel extra special....

I am not spoiled, I just need something new to wear, so I feel pretty,
don't you understand?

I know you say you are looking for just the right one, and you tell me you can't find it...

I think I have heard that story before.....

PLEASE, please.....pretty please!!!!!

The squirrels are making fun of me when I am out in the yard chasing them.

They said I am a nobody because I just have a plain red collar....

That darn squirrel last week made fun of me so badly!
I just had to put a hurtin' on him!

It wasn't my fault, he just got me mad......

I won't do it again, I promise!

Pleassssssse Mommie!

I hear Dad coming in from the Post Office, hey, he is carrying a box!

Oh darn, he says it is for Mom.....
that figures doesn't it?

She always gets stuff, but I never get any stuff I want....

I just wish for once someone would think of me for a change!

I get no respect around this place......


look at me!!!!!!!!!

look at my neck,

I have a new collar!!!!!

Mom's box was from TrainWreck
and she sent me a new collar just like I have always wanted

Aren't I just stunning?

Come on you know I am!!!!!

Boy, those squirrels are gonna get an eye full tomorrow!

Mom, I have someone who thinks I am special enough
to go shopping for!

Oh, I am so lucky to have her for my people sister!!!!

TrainWreck loves me enough to go to the ends of the
Earth for little ol' me!

Thanks, TrainWreck for making her ever more of a terror than she already is! are the best!

You can read TrainWrecks blog at
Cowboy's, Kids and Sunsets
under the blogs I follow


  1. Lookin' pretty stylin'! Love the new collar. How sweet of Trainwreck. Like the new look.

  2. Now that is just too darn cute KT!!! Your lil Terrorist is adorable, but man is she ever STYLIN' in that new collar from TW! ;)

    Hope you are healing well and getting (and Staying) strong!!

  3. Very cute post! And the purple blog is cute too!

  4. Oh she's stylin' and profilin' now! Love the new collar. TW did good!

  5. Yep!!! What a dog won't do to get what they want.  Love your new doggy...what is her name?   We have a new Lab....going on 2 now.  Named "BO" him 4 days before Christmas in how time flies.  He is a jewel and looks just like the 12 year old we had to put down in 2008.  Broke Don's got this one.  He has made up for all the lonely days without Dee.  Thanks for keeping in touch. Hope you are doing well.  Love, Cousin Kay

  6. Too funny - and yes she is special!  I think she needs one of those blingy collars from Yocham's!
    After reading this I've decided you are starting to feel more like your old self.  Welcome back girlfriend!
    Linda Friend

  7. Aw you are so welcome my little Jackie friend! Lol cute story! She has so many "faces" I just can't get over how much she and Ryley look alike! Glad you got your box, I was a bit worried. ((hugs))


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