Friday, November 27, 2009

Bartlesville Oklahoma Buffalo Fundraiser Project

The Bartlesville Girls Scouts of America adopted a fund raising project to raise funds for the Mary Martha Mission here in our town. There have been several area artists basically donating their time to paint these buffalo and place them around town. Oh, when I heard about it I was overjoyed because I have always loved a good art project. 

One of my best friends, Carolyn Mock was asked to paint a buffalo to be placed at Woolaroc Museum.
Carolyn labored long and hard for many
many weeks on this beauty.  She took
it's design into consideration and deliberated
on how to make the museum and the sponsors
proud of it....

 She decided on the White Buffalo
that is a scared symbol to the Native American Indians. 

Carolyn did a very beautiful job and the blanket on the buffalo is a painting of the mosaic around the doors to the Woolaroc museum.

Then this one is celebrating the much celebrated Price Tower in Bartlesville

It is the only skyscraper ever designed by 
Frank Lloyd Wright that was built.

This one is in honor of the musical play

This buffalo celebrates the airplane the Woolaroc that won
the Dole race in the 1920's  that resides inside the Woolaroc Museum 

This buffalo is pretty self explainatory, we are proud of our country and all it stands for here in Bartlesville as well as our state of Oklahoma.

This bison is celebrating our great plains and the bison that roamed the prairies here years ago,
and honoring the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve west of Pawhuska where the buffalo once again roam thanks to their
efforts to preserve a portion of the TallGrass.

and then we have this one....


call me old fashioned, 

call me a fuddie duddie,

call me a prude,

call me a consertive,

whatever you call me.....

 my comment is exactly

as my

would say....

What the Sam Hill were they thinkin'!


  1. I think the term is "Sam Hell" HAHAHA omgoodness! Carolyn did a fantastic job. It is beautiful.I am unsure about the disco balls? ha ha ha then again no one is buying my art right now, so I really have no room to talk. lol

  2. Hello. I am looking for a photo of the Woolaroc Buffalo to use on the Mary Martha Outreach website. I love the photo on this blog and would like permission to use it. Mary Martha Outreach is the benefactor of the Buffalo Stampede charity project, and that website is the only place I would use it. I took pictures of all the Buffalo in town, but I am trying to avoid the drive out to Woolaroc. Thank you for your consideration. My email is gaudypeacock at hot


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