Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scotland Chapter 1

I have been absent for sometime the reason being we were in Scotland for two weeks. We had our 25Th wedding anniversary to celebrate and my hubby was turning another year older while we were to be gone. Hubby has traveled with his job before he retired but I haven't gone out of the United States before except the usual Canadian and Caribbean trips. I hate to admit it but I am a white knuckle flier and I have talked myself out of this particular trip off and on for 2 years. Our friends Richard and Angela, have had their door open to us for some time and there was always some reason in my mind not to travel. We bought the tickets from my travel agent friend who got us great prices. We were set and no backing out now, the 1st class tickets were to make me less nervous! Yeah right, it started right after the AIR France flight from Rio went down in the Atlantic, then there was the crash in Amsterdam.....well then the pilot died in flight from London to Newark.....oh my gosh! Well I gotta get that right out of my head, don't I? Now all I have to do now is pack my clothes and have fun. As I was packing my shoes I knelt down and snap...something happened in my knee. I fell over on the floor and told my husband, I pulled a ligament I think. That was on July 2 and we are scheduled to leave in 3 days. I will be okay, just take it easy. Well my knee swelled up and just kept getting more painful. We flew out of Tulsa at 7 am the next morning but I had to be taken in a wheelchair in the airport because my pain was so bad. My hubby and I thought this is temporary and I will just be off of it during the trip and I will be good to go....
We flew into Newark N.J. and had a 9 hour layover. Thank goodness for the Presidents Club for our layover! I was able to relax in a non crowded area until our flight was to leave at 9PM
that evening. We were making the most of it as they said.....

to be continued........


  1. This post has an ominus tone to it... I'm waiting for the next installment.


  2. I sure hope that your knee is ok and NO torn ligaments!!


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