Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scotland Chapter 6

I awoke and I think I was all upset to find myself alone. I think I was in a panic because all I knew I wanted to do was call my husband. It was about 6:30 am and I never even thought he had only left at around 2am after a grueling night...

I told the nurse I needed to call my husband and she said do I have any money to pay for the telephone that is at my bed. No, I told her in a panic I don't have anything but myself with me, I have been abandoned! I asked her if I could have her call him from the desk and she did. I gave her instructions to come right away and bring money!
I asked her if she called and she said she did.

Poor Ross...........

I uncovered my leg from my blanket and it was all wrapped up in a big wrapping. I did not know what kind of surgery they did. I just knew it hurt and was really huge looking now.

I did not see him until 2PM when they said he could visit....
I did not even take into consideration none of them had any sleep at Richard and Angela's house. I was still under the influence of my surgery and I did not care at that very moment. All I knew was I was alone and scared.

I talked to the nurse that was bringing the pill cart around with our morning supply of all our medicines, most important, PAIN PILLS! Oh yes, we like our pain pills in the orthopedic ward and that makes you the popular nurse of the moment! :) Amazing how that works!

Nurse Sam came in all bubbly and was getting everyone ready for their baths. She was the most energetic person and was a really good part of our day. She stayed in our ward most of the time taking care of people's needs. She was quite fond of Margaret who was 85 and blind. She doted on Margaret and that was good because Margaret was the one who did not have many visitors. Sam fed Margaret and talked to her in the sweetest way.
She would spend lots of time reading her her menu to help pick out food she would eat.
Sam was in her early 20's and the cutest little gal with an adorable Scottish accent.

The other thing I noticed as I was laying in my bed that morning was that Cherie would talk to Isla and if Isla had any pain she was right on it. If Isla cried then Cherie would lean out of her bed towards Isla and hold her hand. It was the sweetest thing I had ever saw. I thought to myself they surly knew each other before. I asked them and they said no they had never saw each other before they became roommates in Ward 43. Now that touched my heart that young people would show such compassion toward each other.
It restored my faith in young people, those girls were special I could feel it.

They came in and drew my blood every morning to see how my blood count was and since it was a teaching hospital a whole crowd of interns would be following the doctor of the moment to talk to you and look at you. I asked the doctor if he was in my surgery and said no, he was just briefed about it at the morning meeting. I never saw the surgeon who operated on me, never. Every time they drew blood they said that if my blood did not clear I might be going back to "theater", I got so tired of hearing that! I still did not know if they had done the simple surgery or cut me open. I had forgot to ask and no one told me....

I did get by until Ross was able to come see me that afternoon. He hooked me up with the telephone, TV and Internet that was bedside. That was an expensive little set of toys they had and they were a piece of junk really, but it kept you busy when you were alone.
The afternoon visiting hours were busy also but not as busy as night hours.

He stayed as long as he could after visiting hours but about 5 o'clock the nurse ran him off and told him to come back at 7PM for the evening hours. He just had to hang around the hospital lobby for another 2 hours to see me. The nurse who found him a room to wait for me to have my surgery found out about that and she was irritated and said he should be allowed to stay by me since we were from so far away and had no place to go. She was a sweetheart of a gal.

Visiting hours were at 7PM and here came all the people to visit again. :)

Richard and Angela came to pick Ross up for the evening. I must say this really inconvenienced them too. This really had not been the plan for a fun vacation.

to be continued. . . . . .

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  1. I would feel the same way that you do. I have never had to have surgery before and I would want my husband there too!! I'll be back to read the rest of the story! Thinking of you!


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